Patterson, Johnson-Stovall & Crenshaw, PLLC can help with any legal issues regarding Assisted Living Facilties, Group Homes, Continuing Care Communities and Foster Care. 

The Firm represents Skillled Nursing Facilities, Acute Care Hospitals, Long Term Acute Care Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities, Physicians, Nurses and Ancillary Services in administrative actions invlving the Department of Public Health, Department of Social Servicesm Medical and Nursing boards, Atttorney General and local Police Agencies.  This includes immediate on-site investigation, representation of facility staff, and intervention when confronted by a State or Local Agency Investigation. 


The Firm regularly acts as a resource center for facilities in responding to crisis situations involving patients, families and administrative actions, particularly in assisting the various facilities with questions and problem-solving.  This includes answering calls as a crisis or resource hotline.  We have initiated guardianships, conservatorships, collection actions, debt structuring, payment options, intervened with State Agencies, Injunctions and a myriad of other matters that come up with administering the various facilities. 


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Administrative Actions/Facility Resource Center

Assisted Living Facilities/Group Home

The recent trend in this area is an increasing number of claims by natural parents and Court Appointed Special Advocates for children and adults placed within the social services system.  This includes wards of the court, those with mental and physical hansicaps and children removed from their natural parents by the court for their protection. 


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Elder & Dependant Adult Abuse

The firm has handled thousands of cases involving Skilled Nursing Facilities, Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities, Physicians, Nurses and Ancillary Services ranging from simple negligence to complicated allegations of Elder/Dependant Adult Abuse, Wrongful Death, Bill of Rights Violations and Consumer Legal Remedies actions.  These cases run the gamut of ailments and afflictions pertaining to the elderly and dependant adults inluding all types of intentional torts.  The firm regularly contributes to scholarly publications, has written seminar materials and tought seminars to industry professionals, attorneys, insurance carriers, and directly to staff of skilled nursing facilities and all healthcare providers. 


The firm has been highly successful in enforcing Alternative Dispute Resolution ("ADR") agreements, along with removing matters to federal court and forcing compliance with the Federal Arbitration Act.


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Home Health Care Agencies

The firm represents several companies providing home health services, ranging from personal injury, professional malpractice, Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse for services provided. We assist these agencies with state and federal regulations, as well as clinical standards of care that govern their operation.  We also assist clients in preparation for and response to periodic and/or unannounced visits by the Department of Public Health.


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Medical Negligence

Patterson Johnson-Stovall & Crenshaw PLLC, health care practice group represents clients involved in all areas of health care liability law.  The firm’s attorneys have handled a wide range of health care liability cases.  Representative areas of practice include the defense of Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Home Health Services, Outpatient Clinics, Radiological Practice Groups, Dialysis Centers, Managed Health Care Providers and Health Care Products Liability.  This expertise also includes the direct representation of health care practitioners, including obstetricians and gynecologists, geriatricians, emergency room physicians, radiologists, general practice physicians, internal medicine, nurses and other medical technicians.  The firm also represents dental clinics, dentists and orthodontists.

Patterson Johnson-Stovall & Crenshaw’s philosophy in handling health care liability cases is to aggressively assess and investigate the facts, determine liability and aggressively pursue all available defenses to protect the rights of the practitioner.  The client is kept involved and apprised of all aspects of litigation.  The case is handled to minimize disruption in the client’s business, while permitting the client to participate in and render informed decisions concerning case strategy and resolution. 

The firm’s practice is to resolve these cases in an efficient and cost effective manner without compromising the highest degree of representation to the client.


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