We are able to help any business owner and can help any business with opening a corporate entity, making sure that your company follows the corporate requirements not to have the corporate “veil” breached to get to you personally, contract drafting and review, lease agreement negotiations, partnership agreements, buy/sell agreements, non-compete disputes or any other normal business need.

A benefit of representing our clients with their various business and commercial disputes, is that our attorneys have developed recognition within the industry as being fierce, tough, and aggressive advocates for our clients. We simply don’t stop until we have turned over every stone and avenue necessary to accomplish our client’s goals. We also take pride in helping our business clients with most of their personal legal matters also. We offer a wide range of personal services such as drafting Wills, Trusts, and estate planning documents, probate and assisting the Client in handling personal disputes and contractual matters.


Our clients appreciate our persistence and diligence. They know our lawyers are focused and responsive to their needs. We take the time to understand our clients’ desired outcomes and we strive to exceed their expectations. We are steadfast about uncovering all relevant information so that our clients can make well-informed decisions. We use direct and honest communications to guide our clients through the chaos of legal conflict and reduce the stress experienced during difficult situations. We have a collaborative relationship with our clients, who are encouraged to actively participate in their defense, help gather information, and organize it for trial.


If you are looking for an experienced, dedicated, and aggressive law firm that will expend exemplary efforts pursuing exemplary results, then contact Patterson, Johnson-Stovall & Crenshaw, PLLC. 

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Agency Representation

Representation by counsel at agency hearings is a universal right. When appearing before an agency you are entitled to be accompanied, represented, and advised by counsel. Patterson, Johnson-Stovall & Crenshaw, PLLC has over 55 years of experience of representing clients at agency hearings and will provide an individualized approach at your agency hearing. 


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Business Litigation

Patterson, Johnson-Stovall & Crenshaw, PLLC conducts a comprehensive civil litigation practice. The Firm defends businesses in state, federal and administrative litigation. We have attorneys involved at city, state and national levels of the legal profession as officers, chairpersons and committee members in legal organizations.  Most of our attorneys are active in their communities and provide civic leadership. The office sponsors, contributes to, and often leads, an array of community activities.


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General Business


Corporate Group: Business owners and leaders need sound legal counsel when making business decisions and in operating their businesses. Our Corporate Practice Group provides complete representation to businesses, and business owners, during the lifecycle of the business - from formation to divestiture and everything in between. We truly serve as the "general counsel" for our clients.  

Government Contracts Group: Companies doing business with the federal government - whether as a prime or subcontractor - have a specialized set of rules that they must follow to achieve business success. Our attorneys know these rules. Our Government Contracts Practice Group has experience relevant to the entire lifecycle of a government contractor, including formation, contract negotiation and award, contract administration, bid and contract disputes, and Mergers & Acquisitions transactions. 

Intellectual Property Group: Intellectual property can be the foundation of a business and its most important asset. Our attorneys understand this. Whether obtaining, defending or protecting a trademark for a business name or logo, successfully prosecuting a patent or fighting off a potential patent infringer, or obtaining copyright protection, our Intellectual Property Practice Group can assist.

 Non-Profit Group: Non-profits and trade associations need an outside general counsel that understands their organization and the unique legal issues applicable to their non-profit status. Our attorneys have such expertise and serve as legal counsel and board members for non-profit clients.


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Limited Scope Representation

Rather than being retained to handle your entire case, you may retain Patterson, Johnson-Stovall & Crenshaw, PLLC services for the limited purpose. For example, you may want assistance with strategy, document preparation, ghostwriting, or coaching for civil litigation in Justice Court, while you handle the rest of your case. In administrative hearings, you may decide that you would like to retain counsel soley for the purpose of preparing for and conducting the administrative hearing.


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Transactional Law

At Patterson, Johnson-Stovall & Crenshaw, PLLC we handle various business transactions, including all types of asset purchase and sales, entity formations, and stock purchase and sales.

The commitment to this practice area is substantial. Through our years of experience, we have established relationships with major lending institutions and real estate brokerage firms. This solid background is invaluable in facilitating the successful consummation of each and every transaction. Further, we can confidently recommend other professionals that will help to facilitate each transaction. Our goal is to offer all real estate and transactional clients the most up to date and sophisticated range of legal services available.


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