Patterson Johnson-Stovall & Crenshaw PLLC, is a full-service law firm with its principle office in Phoenix, Arizona.  One of our main goals has been to transform our practice to handle clients that are involved in the construction industry. Our attorneys are able to provide the construction industry with affordable legal representation of the highest quality, by combining the efficiency and cost effectiveness achievable through today’s technology with the integrity, professionalism and dedication of a half century ago.


The rules behind the corporations of construction companies are no different than that of any other business. A benefit of representing our clients with their construction disputes, is that our attorneys have developed recognition within the industry as being fierce, tough, and aggressive advocates for our clients. We simply don’t stop until we have turned over every stone and avenue necessary to accomplish our client’s goals. 


If you are looking for an experienced, dedicated, and aggressive law firm that will expend exemplary efforts pursuing exemplary results, then contact Patterson, Johnson-Stovall & Crenshaw, PLLC. 

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Bond Claims

Patterson, Johnosn-Stovall & Crenshaw, PLLC, LLC has experience in the construction law field of Surety Law & Bond Claims.  Public projects are different from private projects in that they don’t have any mechanic’s lien protection for contractors. The courts have historically concluded that a municipality (County, City, State, agency, etc.) should not be burdened with payment disputes that arise from a construction project. The courts also have determined that public buildings should not be exposed to the risk of foreclosure.

Some of the issues encountered on payment bond claims include:

  • are the claimants entitled to exercise the remedy;
  • notice and perfection of requirements;
  • the priority or waiver of such remedies;
  • the labor and materials that can be included in such claims;
  • enforcement requirements;
  • the limit of the payment bond obligation;
  • the duration and scope of the bond obligation

Our attorneys are skilled in handling the review of the client’s claim to determine whether or not it qualifies for a bond claim, the perfection of such claim, negotiation with the bond company, and filing suit to enforce the bond, if necessary.


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Construction Defects

The firm has handled all types of construction defect cases ranging from single-family units to multi-unit projects, including commercial and residential establishments.  We have represented individual subcontractors, as well as general contractors in complex litigation where several construction defects are at issue.  The firm has demonstrated expertise in the interpretation and litigation of claims arising out of indemnity agreements and additional insured endorsements. Our experience includes depositions, working with experts, filing indemnity actions against subcontractors, protecting subcontractors from indemnity claims, and pursuing all available insurance options and coverages. 


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Mechanics Liens

A mechanic’s lien is a way to secure your interest in the title to a property where labor or materials were supplied to improve the property. Arizona statutes recognize that contractors, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers needed a greater remedy for non-payment for their work than merely the right to sue on their contracts. 

In Arizona we fortunately have a very generous amount of law dedicated to the lien claimants. The downside to having that much law is that it becomes more cumbersome to understand. Also Arizona law is particularly unforgiving to subcontractors and suppliers whose notice letters or liens are untimely or improper.

At Patterson, Johnson-Stovall & Crenshaw, our primary responsibility is to help our clients understand what they need to do to retain and protect their lien rights. Our Firm has mastered the art of sending accurate and timely notice letters and liens with the least amount of hassle to the client at a reasonable price.  Patterson, Johnson-Stovall & Crenshaw also understands that just having a lien doesn’t do any good if you can’t collect on it. So we strive to draft our mechanic’s lien demands in a manner that give our clients the largest possibility to collect the debt. Additionally, we send out monthly emails to our mechanic’s lien clients to try and not only remind them of their upcoming deadlines but to inform them of some of the nuances in the mechanic’s lien law and educate them on ways to protect their receivables.

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Registrar of Contractors (ROC) Representation



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