Patterson, Johnosn-Stovall & Crenshaw, PLLC, LLC has experience in the construction law field of Surety Law & Bond Claims.  Public projects are different from private projects in that they don’t have any mechanic’s lien protection for contractors. The courts have historically concluded that a municipality (County, City, State, agency, etc.) should not be burdened with payment disputes that arise from a construction project. The courts also have determined that public buildings should not be exposed to the risk of foreclosure.

Some of the issues encountered on payment bond claims include:

  • are the claimants entitled to exercise the remedy;
  • notice and perfection of requirements;
  • the priority or waiver of such remedies;
  • the labor and materials that can be included in such claims;
  • enforcement requirements;
  • the limit of the payment bond obligation;
  • the duration and scope of the bond obligation

Our attorneys are skilled in handling the review of the client’s claim to determine whether or not it qualifies for a bond claim, the perfection of such claim, negotiation with the bond company, and filing suit to enforce the bond, if necessary.

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