The firm has handled all types of construction defect cases ranging from single-family units to multi-unit projects, including commercial and residential establishments.  We have represented individual subcontractors, as well as general contractors in complex litigation where several construction defects are at issue.  The firm has demonstrated expertise in the interpretation and litigation of claims arising out of indemnity agreements and additional insured endorsements. Our experience includes depositions, working with experts, filing indemnity actions against subcontractors, protecting subcontractors from indemnity claims, and pursuing all available insurance options and coverages.

Why Do You Need An Attorney For Your Legal Matter?

If you need full-service assistance with your legal matter, let Patterson, Johnson-Stovall & Crenshaw, PLLC can take care of you from the beginning to the end of your matter.  Your attorney will take the burden of dealing with your legal matter from you while keeping you well informed and making sure you know all your legal options.  Contact Patterson, Johnson-Stovall & Crenshaw for a low cost consultation today!

Why Do You Need An Attorney To Prepare Your Documents?

If you feel like you have a handle on your legal matter but would like assistance on the more complex documents required in your case, Patterson, Johnson-Stovall & Crenshaw.  We have an exceptional document library and can draft anything you require.  By allowing us to draft select documents, you know it will be done correctly, professionally and with utmost care.  Contact Patterson, Johnson-Stovall & Crenshaw for a low cost consultation today!

How Can Prepaid Legal Services Save Your Business Or Association Money?

Patterson, Johnson-Stovall & Crenshaw, PLLC offers a variety of prepaid discount legal service plans just for your business.  Our Preferred Legal Access Program offer exclusive member benefits.  See all the benefits for your business!